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1 Nenokkadine


Cast : MaheshBabu, Kirit Sanon, Nassar, Kelly Dorge, Shiyaji shinde and Others.

Directed by : Sukumar

Language : Telugu

Genre : Action Thriller

Release date : 10th January 2014

Rating : 3.5/5

Music : Devi sri Prasad

BottomLine : Feast for Thriller movie lovers.

Plot : Gautam (Mahesh Babu) is a rock star. He suffers from neuro psychological disorder. He imagines that his parents are killed by some three baddies. He wants to take revenge by hunting down all the three baddies, One day he comes across one of the baddies (Kelly dorge) and kills him and surrender himself in a police station. Meanwhile, A journalist named sameera (Kirti Sanon) telecasted the incidents that actually happened. There he realize that he kills nobody, he just imagined it. he searches for his past. He cannot differentiate reality and hallucination So Gautam goes to goa to elude from media for sometime. Sameera wants to help him with his psychological disorder problem So she too goes to goa. In goa they both happen to come across some accidents, Gautam finds out that those are murder attempts to kill sameera. when he tell her she doesn’t believe him owing to his psychological order. Who are those three baddies and why they kill his parents? what is his past? are main parts of the story.

This is one of the highest budget movies in telugu cinema. Sukumar has offered some new psychological thriller script to telugu audience. His narration style is damn fantastic.The subject and visuals are nothing short of a hollywood movie standards. The films opens with on high note. There is scope for comedy element. even though protagonist has managed to do tickle the funnybone. Cinematographer Rathnavelu did a brilliant job. He evinced all his experience with camera. Devi sri prasad composed back ground music is one of the big assets. Production values are extremely rich.

Mahesh babu has done a commendable job as Rockstar. His expressions, Dialogue delievery and his moves on the floor are top notch. Litttle superstar Gautam did a brilliant job. Debutante Kirti sanon did an awesome job. She looks damn gorgeous in the film.She has a bright future. Baddies roles are damn weak even though Nassar, Kelly dorge and Pradeep rawat have done a good job. The rest of the cast is okay in their roles.

It is a relief movie for the movies lover who likes to see new scripts in telugu cinema.

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