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10 WTF moments in telugu films

Here Cinemababu listing all the What the F**k moments or most stupidest scenes   from recent telugu films.We are listing just for fun not to degrading any hero or director.Plese see the list and enjoy.

1.Shakthi Hellboy Scne

I went to this movie with a friend and exactly at this scene and thisis  my WTF moment .I asked him whether we came to HellBoy pictute or what ?He replied that unfortunately this is indeed the right Shakthi movie.I expected a lot of this movie as NTR can do this type of roles very good but due to poor direction this movie is a complete fail.

2.varudu heroine Introduction

This movie released with so much hype and Gunasekhar did interviews by praising Heroines beauty and they made suspense by not revealing her .we are watching the movie and when this scene came this is the WTF moment not only for me but for the entire theatre.

varudu - 10 WTF Moments In Telugu Films

3.Dammu swing shot

We heard Dhoni’s helicofter shot  and sehwag’s uppercut shot but this is special.This is the Swing shot from Dammu movie invented by Boyapati Sreenu.Ntr stylishly stands when opponent goon approaches him and hit him with his fist.Then this is the WTF moment.

dammu - 10 WTF Moments In Telugu Films

4.Khaleja water fight

I am the biggest fan for Trivikram Sriniva’s movies and dialogues .Khaleja is one of most variety and trendsetting film of tollywood.But still some scenes in the movie are little bit over the top.Shaffie putting flower on his forehead is one of them.But killing many guys in the first fight then mahesh drinks water from that bag.Then we came to know all these goons are fighting for the water .We know that dessert will have not any water but watching this scene is the moment for WTF.

khaleja - 10 WTF Moments In Telugu Films

5.komaram puli jump scene

Pawan Kalyan is famous for his real action stunt scenes and action fights in his movies.But komaram puli is an exception in all his movies.Although Pk did good job in some scenes but first fight scene is the most hilarious scene from the movie and this jump is the WTF moment.

kom3 - 10 WTF Moments In Telugu Films

6.Rebel Climax fight scene

In this movie Prabash  Challenges villains to beat him and he is not going to beat  for 10 mins.After they beat him he looks like this.Dont know Why he is given a chance to goons to beat him to the pulp.I think He is also wondered WTF in this scene.After this he looks tired and beaten as like as every audien who is watching the movie.

rebel - 10 WTF Moments In Telugu Films

7.Greeku Veerudu Dance

Before releasing the movie Nagarjuna and Dance masters boasted about Nag’s dancing skills in this movie.But after the release of trailer of the song people wondered WTF at this momemt.

nagdance - 10 WTF Moments In Telugu Films

8.shadow Smoke scene

This movie itself is a WTF movie.In a prison escape scene ,I wondered how Venky gonna escape from this intense moment and he suddenly releases bunch of smilies and smoke releases from this and he escapes.WTF?

shadow - 10 WTF Moments In Telugu Films

9.Nagavalli Anushka’s Boyfriend

When we are watching the movie and wondering who might be the boyfiend of Anushka and suddenly this guy comes on the screen.Wtf ?

nagva - 10 WTF Moments In Telugu Films

 10.Hridaya Kaleyam

This movie is having so many stupid scenes although this is spoof of other movies,last climax itself is an WTF scene.

hr - 10 WTF Moments In Telugu Films

Honourable Mention Linga rocket Kick

Even Die hard Rajini fans Cant digest this rocket kick scene.

raj - 10 WTF Moments In Telugu Films

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