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‘1000 Abaddalu’ Movie Censor Report !!

Director Teja’s upcoming movie ‘1000 abaddalu/ veyyi abaddalu’ completed its censor formalities and received ‘U/A’ certificate with many cuts.It is known that this movie casts Sairam Shankar and Esther in the leads with Mega Brother playing the special role of ‘Towerstar-fan of powerstar’! The music of this movie composed by Ramana Gogula was released into the market a few weeks ago and has got a good response from music lovers.

The censor board had reportedly enjoyed the comedy part of the movie. But, Director Teja is unhappy with the censor officials for the cuts. He feels that the cuts were totally unjustified and spoil the flow of te movie. He would probably reapproach the board and it is to be waited to see what decision the censor board would take.

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