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13 hours soldiers of benghazi special story – A brilliantly directed action war film

Irrespective of politics watch this movie at least you will understand the pain of soldiers who stuck in these man made country wars

This is not a saving private Ryan or black hawk down but it serves action movie goers but if you want to know what exactly happened with government situations ,system and persons you wont get anything but you will get the situation faced by soldiers at that time , so its purely from soldier’s perspective and according to the interviews by real soldiers the action scenes are almost true to the scenes

The first hour is very slow almost like a drama not well narrated but once the attack happens you can see the horror unfolding in front of your eyes.Movie made really good observation on action scenes and Michel bay deserved a special mention for that .

technically movie is brilliant but you wont be connected to the characters that much although in final 30 mins some emotional moments are there .

The stand down is really very controversy point .bob from CIA told that there was no order of stand down. I dont know how to take this as truth because CIA is a very high level secretive agency so they won’t tell anything to media .CIA operatives are trained to lie even in enemy torturing camps so why anybody took their word as final ?(i did not meant as CIA as bad but may be they didnt expected to things unfold this badly and may be they later realized their mistake and instead of making a huge fuss they wold have told that there was no order) Contrary the original writers and actual soldiers or hired contractors said that there was a stand own order .may be they confused or misrepresented who knows but I stand with soldiers on this

I expected a bad film but it is a nicely made action film and viewers should understand that this is based on book so this is only soldiers perspective

Sources – Benghazi Heroes Contradict Account Of CIA Chie

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