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15 tips for Aspiring directors by a reputed blog

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Clear Direction

As a director, it doesn’t matter what your decisions are as long as you make them clear. So make sure every decision of yours is loud and clear for everyone to understand. Make sure every aspect of the shot is communicated to everyone in the easiest way possible. This will ensure that everyone understands the subject.

Don’t Always Stick To the Script

Sometimes the best moments come from spontaneous decisions. With so many creative minds on the set, do not hesitate to deviate a little from the script, as long as your direction is clear.

Study Other Styles To Learn Yours

Study the styles of directors you like. This can be an inspire you and help you push your work.

Take Your Time And Be Efficient

The director has to make numerous decisions throughout the entire filmmaking process. Therefore it is best to take time and make a good decision rather than making one in haste.

Avoid Fights On Set

As a director, try not to lose your cool. If there’s any issue, handle it privately. It’s not professional for a director to hurl abuses during a shoot. Don’t be the boss who keeps thumping orders. Nurture the team and they will do everything you want them to.

Don’t Worry About Gear

You don’t need the perfect gear for a shoot. As long as the audience isn’t distracted, it doesn’t matter.

Actors Need Motivations, Not Just Marks

Instead of telling the actor how to do a scene, tell them why. That is the best way to make the actor understand the character. The more the actor trusts you, better his performance.

Get It Done and Move On

Make sure you stick to your deadlines. Pick one and move on. This will give you time to think about the forthcoming aspect.

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