These movies are not all time but having depressing moments or stories

Never Let me Go

Really hard hitting climax and Andrew garfield did terrific acting in this sad drama

500 Days of the Summer – Love is painful

This movie starts with joy ,love and emotions but as movie processes we will understand that it is not a sugar candy movie .its got a very sad philosophical touch in the characters , this movie Girl did not know what she wants and she experiments with everything like reading new books,new hair styles and even with love, last of the movie girl leaves the boy and marries another guy.

Movie got a philosophical touch like Hero works as a writing quotations for a living in a greeting card company and he never had a courage to follow his dream career as an architect but after he was broken in the love he directly goes to the boss and says these quotations are not true ,this is bullshit and he leaves the company to follow his dream.


A heartbroken introvert man finds love with a female voice of a operating system which is developed using Artificial intelligence.Watch the movie to find out what is all about.

Interstellar (Family)

This movie is about the human ability to accomplish greatest things .

Love has no boundaries if it is true

may be only Nolan film mainly concentrated on family relations.the father daughter relationship is one of the sweetest and we can learn the value of having family

Cloud Atlas

one of complex and heart breaking movie


Dead Poets Society (1989)

Inspiration to 3idiots ,one of best movies o whats wrong with current education system

A moments to remeber

a-moment-to-remember -


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