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2016 Oscars Predictions Article

Post is inspired from various articles and predictions on the 2016 Oscars for february

steve jobs released and already turned out a serious contender for Oscars and got many awards.Steven speilberg directed bridge of spies a drama of spies is released and critics totally bowled out by speilbergs magic.The walk story of a man who walked on a rope between world trade centre is a must watch film.Creed ,south paw ,Everest and so many other good movies are there


Best picture Oscar predictions 2016

The Martian: Matt Damon stars in the ultimate sci-fi survival story, about an astronaut abandoned on Mars and forced to fend for himself while he awaits a seemingly impossible rescue mission.

Brooklyn: Saoirse Ronan stars in this romantic period drama about Irish immigrant life and love, based on the best-selling novel by Colm Toibin.

Beasts of No Nation: Cary Fukunaga’s drama starring Idris Elba, and a cast of mostly unknowns, tells the story a child soldier under the spell of a charismatic African warlord.

Inside Out: No animated film has ever won best picture, although Beauty and the Beast, Up and Toy Story 3 have been nominated in previous years. Can Pixar’s tale, about a little girl growing up with five competing emotions in her mind, make history next year?

The Revenant: Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu’s survivalist drama stars Leonardo Di Caprio as an American frontiersman on a path of vengeance against those who left him for dead

Best director Oscar predictions 2016

Ridley Scott – The Martian: Ridley Scott has previously been nominated three times for a best director Oscar (Gladiator, Black Hawk Down, and Thelma and Louise), but will he finally win the statue this year for The Martian?

Stephen Spielberg – Bridge of Spies: Multiple Academy Award winner Spielberg is in contention this year for his Cold War drama starring Tom Hanks as a principled lawyer trying to organise a prisoner exchange with the Soviet Union.

Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu – The Revenant: Inarritu (who last year won best director for Birdman) is being tipped again this year for The Revenant.

Thomas McCarthy – Spotlight: McCarthy was responsible for the woeful Adam Sandler vehicle The Cobbler, but is hoping to redeem himself this year with his critically acclaimed film based on a true story of a group of Boston Globe journalists who uncovered a child abuse scandal in the Catholic Church.

Best actor Oscar predictions 2016

Michael Fassbender – Steve Jobs: Danny Boyle’s biopic of Steve Jobs underwhelmed at the box office, but critics were impressed by Fassbender’s compelling performance as the difficult, driven Apple co-founder.

Eddie Redmayne – The Danish Girl: Redmayne won the best actor Oscar last year for his acclaimed portrayal of Stephen Hawking in The Theory of Everything, and is in contention again this year for his sensitive portrayal of Lili Elbe, the first person to receive sex-reassignment surgery.

Matt Damon – The Martian: Damon won the Academy Award for best original screenplay in 1997 for Good Will Hunting, but he is yet to bag a best actor Oscar. Critics think his role as an astronaut abandoned on Mars might be his ticket to a win next year.

Leonardo Di Caprio – The Revenant: In The Revenant, DiCaprio fights for his life as a frontiersman in the 1800s, but he is also fighting for his first Oscar gold.

Tom Hanks – Bridge of Spies: Hanks is an old-hand when it comes to best actor Oscars, with five nominations and two wins, for Philadelphia and Forrest Gump. Bridge of Spies is clearly gearing up for the awards battle – but will Hanks contribute to its final cache?

Best Actress Oscar predictions 2016

Cate Blanchett – Carol: Double Oscar winner Blanchett stars as the older woman to Rooney Mara’s shy shop-girl in this lush romantic drama based on a Patricia Highsmith novel.

Saoirse Ronan – Brooklyn: Ronan stars as a young Irish woman living in Brooklyn and forced to choose between two loves and two homes.

Jennifer Lawrence – Joy: Lawrence, is creating Oscar buzz with this upcoming American biographical comedy-drama from David O Russell, about a struggling single mum, Joy Mangano, who becomes a successful inventor and entrepreneur.

Maggie Smith – The Lady in the Van: Downton Abbey dowager Smith transforms herself into a flinty homeless woman in this film adaptation of Alan Bennett’s popular play.

Brie Larson – Room: Larson is being tipped as an Oscar contender for her role in Room, a disturbing drama-thriller about a woman and her five-year-old son, who are held captive in a garden shed.

Best supporting actress Oscar predictions 2016

Rooney Mara – Carol: At this year’s Cannes Film Festival, Mara took home the best actress award (tied with French actress Emmanuelle Bercot for Mon roi). She stars as shy Therese Belivet in Carol opposite Cate Blanchett.

Alicia Vikander – The Danish Girl: Some critics think Vikander deserves a spot on the best actress shortlist for her performance opposite Eddie Redmayne in The Danish Girl, but others suspect she will have a better chance of winning the best supporting category.

Kate Winslet – Steve Jobs: Winslet picked up a British Independent Film Award and a People’s Choice Award for her role as marketing executive Joanna Hoffman in Steve Jobs. She has five Academy Award nominations under her belt, and one best actress win for The Reader, so can she bag another?

Jennifer Jason Leigh – The Hateful Eight: The main cast of Quentin Tarantino’s The Hateful Eight received the Hollywood Ensemble Award at the Hollywood Film Awards earlier this month. Jason Leigh is also tipped to be shortlisted for a best supporting actress Oscar.

Jane Fonda – Youth: The last time Jane Fonda won an Oscar was in 1979 for her role as Sally Hyde in Coming Home. Now critics are saying she might be a contender for the 2016 Academy Awards for her performance as Brenda Morel, a wilting Hollywood grandee, in Paolo Sorrentino’s Youth.

Best supporting actor Oscar predictions 2016

Michael Keaton – Spotlight: He starred in last year’s Oscar favourite, Birdman, but can Michael Keaton win over the judges again for his role in Spotlight? He portrays Walter “Robby” Robinson, a real-life investigative reporter for the Boston Globe.

Idris Elba – Beasts of No Nation: Elba is a frontrunner for best supporting actor for his villainous turn as a warlord in Cary Fukunaga’s Beasts of No Nation, which the Chicago Tribune described as an “extraordinarily rich and troubling performance”.

Tom Hardy – The Revenant: Tom Hardy goes head to head with Leonardo DiCaprio in Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu’s The Revenant, but looks unlikely to be battling it out with DiCaprio for best actor. Critics suggest he is most likely to be included in the best supporting actor category instead.

Joel Edgerton – Black Mass: Edgerton portrays disgraced FBI agent John Connelly opposite Johnny Depp’s Boston gangster James “Whitey” Bulger. This would be the Australian actor’s first Academy Award nomination.

Mark Rylance – Bridge of Spies: Despite acting alongside Hollywood darling Tom Hanks, Rylance has been described as the most memorable part of Cold War drama Bridge of Spies. He plays Rudolf Abel, a Russian spy in a prisoner exchange between the United States and the Soviet Union in 1962.

Best animation Oscar predictions 2016

Inside Out: Pixar’s family crowd-pleaser is a gorgeously animated, brilliantly inventive story of a little girl forced to come to terms with her warring emotions when she moves home.

The Good Dinosaur: An Apatosaurus named Arlo makes an unlikely human friend in this Pixar children’s hit. While Inside Out received 14 nods for the next Annual Annie Awards, celebrating the year in animation, The Good Dinosaur is not far behind with ten nominations, suggesting it is in with a chance for the Oscars.

Anomalisa: Charlie Kaufman’s latest film, Anomalisa, was described by critics as “so moving” and yet “so filthy” that it might become the first X-rated winner of the best animation Oscar. It follows the story of a motivational speaker, exploring the universal themes of identity, love and mortality.

Shaun the Sheep Movie: Aardman Animations took home an Oscar for Wallace & Gromit: The Curse of the Were-Rabbit in 2006. Now it is on course for a nomination for its Shaun the Sheep Movie.

The Peanuts Movie: Four of the Peanuts television specials have won Emmys, and now The Peanuts Movie is said to have “potential” for the Oscars


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