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2016 sankranthi Special tollywood releases overview – A good start

2016 sankranthi tollywood releases are on a good start.Normally every year one film will emerge as a winner but this year a lot of positive vibe on every film.

1.Nannaku Prematho

May be this year’s biggest hyped project is Nannaku prematho.Movie released and started on great start at Boxoffice with good reviews.Movie is termed as out and out class movie and it is exceptipnal in A centers and in B,C centers carrying average reports.Movie fate will depend on this 3 days but as of now it can be termed as a success.2 years back one Nenokkadine  released and termed as calss movie bt faild at boxoffice but compare to that 2016 tollywood witnessed a lots of change.May be audience got bored with routine stuff and in 2015 audience viewed different movies baahubali,srimanthudu,kumari21f ,rajugaari gadi,bhale bhale magadivoyi .Not to mention so called mass movies like brucelee,Akhil,Kick2 are became disasters.So change is happening in tollywood and may be this will help the movie further in these weekend.Movie soldout for a decent 57 cr and already move netted around 25 cr in 2 days and with this week collections movie may touch 50 corers mark


Surprisingly dictator released to average to above AVG reviews terming it as a  mass entertainer .Film seems good compared to all previous balakrishna releases.As of now in A centers occupancy is low and B.C centers it is good.Family audience support wont be there that much as they will prefer Soggade or Nannaku prematho

3.Express Raja

Express Raja released to decent reviews and sapatagiri ,Sharvanad stole the show.Movie is a complete laugh riot although in second half it is dragged.Audience are enjoying the humor but it will connect to youths more.As of now movie occupancy is low and will pick up by the weekend

4.Soggade Chinni Nayana

It seems movie will emerge as a sankranthi winner as the story and village backdrop will attract family audience more. So audience verdict is out and movie carrying super reports everywhere

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