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3 A.M

Cast : RanVijay Singh, Anindita Nair, Salil Acharya, Kavin Dave and Others.

Directed by : Vishal s Mahadhakar.

Language : Hindi.

Genre : Horror.

Release date : 26th September 2014.

Rating : 2/5.

Music : Mannan, Raeth band,Bruno & Pranay Rijia.

Bottom Line : It should have been promoted as horror comedy.

Plot : Sunny ( RanVijay Singh) hosts reality shows along with his best friends, Raj ( Salil Acharya ) and Cyrus ( Kavin Dave ). He is in deeply love with sarah ( Anindita Nair ) who does research on the haunted places. One day Sarah gets killed in a haunted place called Rudra mills. After the death of sarah, Sunny gets disheartened and wants to host a new show on haunted places. Raj and Cyrus are intially reluctant to do the show but they finally go to the rudra mills. What happened in the haunted mills? Who haunt that place? Will they survive in that haunted place? Are main parts of the story.

Blood money fame Vishal s Mahadhakar comes up with a horror story this weekend. The script has offered nothing new in horror genre.The movie is not at all scared as trailer promised. Narrative style is quite tricky. Dragging scenes could have beem chopped off. Music composed by a couple musicians is good. The visuals effects are not bad. Production values are okay.

VJ turned actor Ran vijay Singh has given better performance. He has to improve his acting skills in emotional scenes. The new girl in the industry Anindita Nair has done a good job. Salil acharya chukles the viewers with his comic timming. Kavin Dave did a fabulous job. The supporting cast are okay in their respective roles.

The film should have been promoted as horror comedy. Watch it at own interest.

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