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40 years Of Superstar Rajinikanth

40 years Of Superstar Rajinikanth:
Superstar Rajinikanth, who is a cultural icon of the country, has an ocean of fan following. The multi-talented actor who is considered no less than a god in the southern film industry, has successfully completed four decades in the films. Rajinikanth, who is also called Thalaivaa, is a big name in Bollywood as well as in the South Indian film industry.

Rajinikanth. The name is a calling card for Tamil Nadu. He can’t emulate the prowess of Kamal Hasan’s acting skills. He can’t live out a character like Amitabh Bachchan. He can’t walk in the shoes of the role he is playing. But he’s almost unarguably the biggest superstar in the country.

So what is it that makes him the star he is? As the superstar completes 40 years in filmdom, we handpick a few of the films where Rajini’s performance outdid his stardom.

Born as Shivaji Rao Gaekwad and re-christened as Rajinikanth, the undisputed ‘Superstar’ completes 40 years in cinema. From a bus conductor to being THE Superstar, his journey has been a roller-coaster ride. His work ethics, screen presence, dialogue delivery, the swag that he possesses on screen and most of all his unmatchable style and speed, are some of his major traits as an actor.
The style samrat was introduced by K Balachander in Apoorva Raagangal, which was released exactly 40 years back on the 18th of August 1975.

At The Age Of Sixteen Rajini was playing villains, receiving punches from heroes, before he went on to become one himself – an invincible one. 16 Vayathinle, directed by auteur Bharathiraja, was one such film, in which Rajini had played a villain. The character Paratai is still remembered for his vices and cunning deeds.

Mullum Malarum: And there is this epic. It can be considered as the spire of Rajini’s acting till date. It is unlikely that even Rajini can play the role of Kaali again. “Ketta paya sir intha kaali (He is one bad guy sir, this Kaali)” – is one of the famous one-liners till date.

Antuleni Katha is a 1976 Telugu film directed by K. Balachander starring Jayaprada in the lead role, with Rajinikanth, Sripriya and Phataphat Jayalaxmi in supporting roles. Kamal Hassan played an extended cameo. This was also Rajinikanth’s first major role. This film was shot in black-and-white.

The superstar marked his Bollywood debut with Andha Kanoon in 1983 with Amitabh Bachchan and Hema Malini. The movie went on to become a massive hit and ever since then Amitabh and Rajinikanth have shared a great bond and delivered movies like Hum and Geraftaar together.

Baashha: Rajini blossoms fully to portray two different characters, a former dada of Bombay and a docile peace-loving auto driver in Tamil Nadu.Director Suresh Krishna has fashioned his screenplay to suit the image of Rajini and the taste of his fans and the songs and sequences are fashioned to boost the image of the hero.
Eee baasha okka saari chepthe, vanda saarlu cheppinatte.

Muthu: No one can tell when or how I’ll arrive but I always do, when the time is right.

Arunachalam: Devudu saesisthadu, Arunachalam paatisthadu.

Narasimha: Original stamp of Rajni style can be seen in the film several times … Ramya Krishnan has matched Rajni and created a royal path separately.
Naa daari, rahadaari.
Athiga aasa pade magadu, athiga aavesa pade aadadi sukhapadinattu charithra lo ledu.

Chandramukhi: As in all Rajni films, Chandramukhi is a one-star attraction and Rajni plays to the gallery, There are no political messages in the film and that should come as some relief. With Nayan Tara and Jyotika in the female leads, there is plenty of glamour in the film.
Rajinikanth is back in full form, comedy comes naturally to him and he finds an able ally in Vadivelu.

Sivaji: Naanna… pandulu gumpuga vasthayi, simham single ga vastundi.

Robo: One of the most entertaining films – across all languages – ever made.Enthiran is an answer to the longing of many Indians for an Indian film matching Hollywood standards. Robot rides on Rajinikanth’s shoulders and he never stoops under the burden. Aided by snazzy clothes, make-up and special effects, he makes Chitti endearing. Rajinikanth and Aishwarya Rai Bachchan carry the movie on their shoulders.

Kochadaiiyaan: “India’s first photorealistic performance capture film”


If you ask a Rajini fanatic, he might just discard all the aforementioned things, and answer, “Thalivar da (Leader dude).” Certain things are beyond logic. Rajini is one such phenomenon that defies all logic. The 64-year-old has now completed 40 years in cinema.You don’t get to see a Superstar film often, as in recent years he has limited his acting stints. But whenever he acts, the curiosity level shoots up to the levels of Burj Khalifa. That’s the same case with his upcoming 159th film with director Ranjith which has been titled as Kabali.

Thanks Rajinikanth for sharing 40 years of his life with us through his films, and wishes him to continue doing so for many more years to come……….. Cinemababu

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