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47 Ronin

Cast : Keanu Reeves Hiryoti Sanada, Kou sibaski, Tadanobu Asano and Others.

Directed by : Carl Erik rinsch

Language : English

Genre : Action

Release date : 3rd January 2014

Rating : 2.75/5

Music : Ilan Eshkeri

Bottom Line : Old wine in a new bottle.

Plot : Kai ( Keanu Reeves ) is a half breed guy ( Half japanese and half British) and slave of Samurais. He falls in love with mika ( Kou shibasaki) who is the only daughter of lord Asanos. Lord asanon is the master of samurais . In a fighting competition Lord kira ( Tadanobu Asano) introduced his Samurai to fight with. asano’s samurai. But the samurai couldn’t able to make the competition owing to affected with poison made by a witch Rinko who serves the lord kira. Kai comes in the place of that samurai in disguise. While both fighting kai’ s mask gets off. Emperor The lord daimoy gives him death sentence but mika thwarted him to do that. Lord asano apologises to daimoy for his daughter’ s mistake. Rinko again uses her magic on lord asano made him to attack his guest. For that crime, Lord daimoy orders him to take honor death. After the asano’s death, The samurais becomes ronins, for the sake of people, theur leader Oishi (hirayoti sanada) kneels down infront of lord daimoy and lord kira. Oishi is sent to prison and kai to someplace. Lord kira wants to marry mika so he takes her with him. After one year, Oishi comes out of the prison and meets half breed kai. They both go to search of the remaining samurais. How they avenge their master’s death? What happened to them? are main parts of the story.

This film is inspired from the 47 ronin real life story which is popularised in japanese culture. Carl erik rinsch takes the story to board by adding some fiction elements. There is nothing new in the story and narration style. This one makes you bore. Screenplay is quite okay. The narration style should have been in innovative way.Editing work and visual effecta are treat to watch. The production values are not bad. The only saving grace for this film is its run-time.

Keanu Reeves has given decent performance as kai. He just got into the skin of that character. Hiryoti sanada did a fine job. He reminds of jackie chain in few scenes. I loved the way he emoted. Kou sibaskhi has succeed to give justice to her character. Tadanobu Asano should have given much better performance. The whole cast has given is okay in their roles.

One time watchable for the people who like action movies.

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