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A moment to remember 2004 film Analysis – A must watch gem on true love

What a feel good movie.Although it is released in 2004 the cinematography is fresh and you can connect to the characters very much.Another gem in Korean films

Love is a wonderful feeling and many poets,artists and entrepreneurs driven by love and created beautiful products.but is real love exists?is it is a attraction,hormones or  a feeling which can’t prove by science?These are the questions always remain as  questions that can’t be answered.Some people feel different ways but who ever found true love are the luckiest ones.So what is this movie about  ?its about true love between a couple.

So movie starts with the heroine Sujin waiting at a railway station to elope with Seo a married man but he didn’t show up .So she completely devastated and she will meet hero of the movie Cheol at the railway station.Hero is a carpenter and heroine is from a high class family .  After that they will meet at different instances and they fell in love with each other.After so much  struggle they will get married Happy ending right?No but fate is different and heroine finds out that she is suffering with Alzheimer disease  (a complete memory loss) so their love is tested under these circumstances and what will happen you have to watch the movie

Movie has many moments that you will feel the love and actors did an amazing job portraying the emotions.While first half the movie moves in lighter note, next 45 mins is a emotional ride .Climax of the movie is very emotional and justifies the title.

Finally movie is about true love.Love is not about the messages you share on cell phones or showing your affection publicly with taking photographs or doing silly things but it an emotion which connects the human soul itself.True love crosses all boundaries and two souls becoming one and leading a life who supports each other in their decisions.True love is not the love when you are happy in the relationship but when love tested with all life difficulties ,how much you can support your partner,how far you can go and can you really sacrifice everything for your soulmate if yes then that is the true love.Film depicts this emotion perfectly and everyone should watch this movie especially who loves romantic movies shouldn’t miss this gem

Finally I am concluding this with a beautiful quote on true love

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