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Aaha Kalyanam

Cast : Naani, Vaani Kapoor, Simran and Others.

Directed by : Gokul Krishna

Language : Hindi

Genre : Romance Comedy

Release date : 21st February 2014.

Rating : 2.5/5

Music : Dharan Kumar

Bottom Line : Failed to emulate its original version.

Plot : Shakti ( Nani ) is a carefree guy who has a no goal in his life. He spends most of the time with his friends gate crashing weddings for the food. One day he comes across shruti (Vaani Kapoor ) who wants to become the best wedding planner. She already has a name ready for her future business, Gatti Melam and sets a deadline of 5 years to achieve everything before settling down. Shakti falls for shruti and want to become the partner in her business. They want to gain some experience before start their own business, join as interns at Chandrakala (Simran) who is the famous wedding planner in india. Due to some issues with chandrakala they launch getti melam & become popular wedding planners.Meanwhile, they split up because of one issue.what is that issue?Are they reconcile? Forms the crux of the story.

This the official remake of bollywood film ‘Band Baaja Baarat’ and first venture for yashraj films in south film industry. A gokul krishna is the director. There are no major changes in the script but it is failed to emulate original version. Editing is not bad.Lip sync is the major issue.Cinematography is so aesthetic. Music doesn’t fit well. Production values are rich.

Nani is exceptional in his role.Infact, He is the only saving grace for AK.Vaani Kapoor emoted very well but her dialogue delivery is not good.yestyear actress did a special appearence, she is brilliant in her role.The rest of the cast has done good job.

Being a remade film, It doesn’t have much to offer to the audience. Although, it is not a bad movie to watch.

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