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Abhi Hero Kamalakar passed away !!

Abhi hero kamalakar Reddy passed away today morning at 4.15 am in chennai. He was admitted in apollo hospital due to some health issues. He made his debut film with ‘Abhi’ which was a musical hit. And he gave his presence in 3 more films. His new flick ‘Band balu’ is ready for its release.

May his soul rest in peace. He was 37 and is survived by wife and two children.Kamalakar who was introduced to the Telugu audience through ‘Abhi’ also acted as hero in ‘Sunny’, ‘Hasini’ and ‘Sanchalanam’. His latest film ‘Band Balu’ completed shooting and is ready for release.

Kamalakar has been suffering from nervous problems since some time and the end came during the wee hours of Saturday. Kamalamar’s father Buchepalli Subba Reddy is a former MLA of Congress. The family has an engineering college, BVSR engineering college in Ongole. Kamalakar also does real-estate business. Several Telugu film personalities expressed shock at his untimely death.

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