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Action specail story – John wick and come back of Action movies

This type of action filmmaking that led a great momentum going in 90s and occasionally in 2000s with films like heat,man on fire,point break etc .

After 2010 mainly comic book movies are termed as action movies .Transformers,super hero movies,gigantic cgi action filled movies overtaken film Industry and the thrill of simple action with out CGI lost in all this do big movies

In last 5 years only handful of movies did a traditional action film making like expandables,taken etc.John wick is also in this category and the critical success with commercial out put will definitely bring back the lost glory of action genre

whats good in john wick series—- should be watched by every action movie lover who loves gangster movies for its simple Action scenes with out crazy editing,with out CGI,with out using high technicality .cinematography is really neat and can follow action on screen . and of course hero Keenu Reeves really shined in his role .Screenplay-every aspiring film student should download and read the screenplay of John wick to understand how to write dialogues for action scenes.John wick contains great dialogues now a days most action movies lacking and hope in future we will see these kind of scenes in films

Future of Hollywood Industry in action movies

Taken,John wick ,Mad max shows Industry will give more traditional action movies by reducing CGI in coming years.Nice example is Logan …although it is a super hero genere movie opted out for a route where traditional simple action themes like family,revenge and protecting loved ones .The CGI also seems pretty decent by not overdoing it

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