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Actress Manjari send legal notice to CMR group !!

Manjari Phadnis sued Hyderabad based retail chain claiming their illegal campaign cost her other endorsements. Manjari who featured in films like ‘Siddu from Srikakulam’,’Shakti’ & ‘Shubhapradham’ slapped legal notice on CMR group.

She said “I also did a photo shoot for their pre event publicity. I did this only on good will and trust. They promised on hoardings and posters will be brought down in six months of time. As I live in Mumbai, I have no idea to check on these. They have been using me as a brand ambassador without signing any written contract. When other companies in Hyderabad wanted to sign an agreement with me, they were of notion that I endorse this retail outlet which is in fact false,”.

Though she never endorsed CMR at any time, other retail brands are shying away from her. Manjari is now looking for the compensation and sent a legal notice to CMR chairman Mohan Rao who blamed the issue on advisor KB Singh.

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