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Adi Shankara Movie review

CB Rating: 2.75 / 5

Cast: Kaushik, Nagarjuna, Mohanbabu etc

Directed by : J. K.Bharavi

Produced by : Jayasri Devi

Banner : Global Peace Creators

Music : Nag Srivasta

Release Date : 2013-08-15

J.K. Bharavi who is a well-known author of devotional films like Annamayya and Sri ramadasu had turned director with Adi Shankara. Kaushik and Indian Idol sreeramachandra debuted with this film. Many biggies in trade had contributed to this movie. Let’s transfer on to check.

This film offers with the existing history of Jagath guru Sri Adi Shankara charya. Adi shankara (Kaushik) born in Kaladi in Kerala. He is a devotee from the childhood days and he takes Sanyasam at an early stage. After some incidents, he needs to prove or preach the ADVAITAM (All are equal) throughout India. He walked from Kanyakumari to Kashmir 4 times for preaching. Eventually he was one who sat on the Kashmiri peetam which is aggressive in India.

Kaushik has been just right as Adishankara. He hasn’t glad in emotional scenes. Indian idol Sreerama Chandra did smartly. His body language and dialogue delivery are excellent. He has a good future if he selects just right stories. Biggies like Nagarjuna, Mohanbabu, Suman, Sreehari, Saikumar, Tanikella Bharani, Roja, Meena ,Kamilini Mukarjee contributed their best possible for the film. Mega star Chiranjeevi had given voice-over . The remaining characters did their best possible.

The first half is confusing as they didn’t mention the person a title as an instance what’s the name of Mohanbabu and Nagarjuna in the movie?. The second half is good. Mainly the Graphics are very Bad. The settings are nice after they seem. Most of the film shot in Green mat.

Direction by Bharavi is not bad as he tried to tell the message but failed in making. His dialogues and slokas are excellent. He will have to have been focused on graphics, will get a double impression on the movie. Cinematography by P.k.Das is not bad. No the place in the film shall be viewed one of the best lighting. Tunes by Naga srivasta is good. The songs have some shadows of Sriramadasu. Production values by way of global peace creators are just right as that is referred to as a perfect multistarrer movie.

Watch it for sure for knowing the great persons who born in India. Hail Hinduism

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