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Advice on how to enter into Film industry

On average  million  want to break into this industry but in reality some people only step into this industry and eventually less than 10 people will get a great success while other people just stay in the industry for the right chance.

Unfortunately now a days Indian film industry is ruled by wealthy people ,people who got access to celebrities and relatives of established producers , so for a fresher to get a great success is a difficult task

First keep in mind that -to get the success in films you must have to survive.Many people directly jump into the industry and trying after 3 years they will leave as their survival becoming difficult.

So have a financial backup plan and you should have your support of your parents.Indie films wave is not yet to come in Indian industry but you can make short films for the experience.

As you have engineer background study editing and it is good for stepping into the industry as well as a film director should be a good editor.The difference is director cuts the shots in his mind while editor actually do the same thing on machines

I already gave answer in another question ,I am giving the answer here

Many youtube tutorials are there and you can start from there.First every wannab filmmaker has a director in his mind ,So follow your favorite directors work and watch movies and read screenplays of his films.

1.DOV S simens 2 day dvd school is one of the best course on how to make a film ,although it is not having technical stuff its relevant to the industry and the way he explains is very understandable.He teach you the skills needed for this cut throat ed showbiz industry .If you really doesn’t want to spend on online course then read book Reel to deal which covers same topics

2.Digital cinema training course is another online dvd course which tells you from screenwriting to lighting to post productions. They filmed whole behind the scenes process from start to finish so definitely you will get the feel of being on sets

3.Udemy is an online portal and there are many short film courses on filmmaking

4.Light on film school is also having good number of cources

5.Writer’s store is a website having hundreds of courses you can check their website

6.Follow websites like No film school,Jammura blog and dvxuser

7.Some of best books are writer’s journey,save the cat ,story ,making movies,film direction shot by shot,cinematography for directors etc

Now for practical experience

1. try to make your own short films with your friends

.2.Try to join a theater and you can learn blocking,rehearsals ,how to coordinate with actors etc

3.You can join short term courses like 3–6 months instead of 3 years of film graduation study

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