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Aithe OK Is No More

Aithe OK Is No More

Noted Telugu movie comedian Kondavalasa Lakshmana Rao, 69, died on Monday. November 2, 2015, distinguished humor artist Kondavalasa Lakshmana Rao breathed his last on the night at around 10:30 pm on Saturday. He had been being handled at NIIMS Hospitals for the previous half a year because of head and related problems.
His debut was made by Kondavalasa with Vamsiis ‘Avunu Vaalliddaroo Ishtapaddaru’ being an actor. He acted more than 300 films. ‘Radha Gopalam’, ‘Pandem’, ‘Rajababu’, ‘Boss’, ‘Adhurs’, ‘Bendu Apparao RMP’, ‘Knife Babji’ Satyam and many more.. were a few of the videos introduced by Kondavalasa. One of the most popular catchphrases he coined was ‘Aithe OK’.
With the untimely passing away of Kondavalasa, Telugu industry has lost one more great talented artiste.

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