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Allu Arjun speaks of Pawan kalyan at Yevadu Audio Launch

After watching the trailer of ‘Yevadu’, stylish hero Allu Arjun simply stated ‘Maatallev..Maatludukotallev’. Bunny simply ran out of words after watching the spectacular and intense trailer of Yevadu. ‘This is 100% Charan’s movie and I always wanted to see him in this way.

This movie is going to be biggest hit in his career’, said Bunny. When fans are repeatedly shouting about Pawan Kalyan after Bunny greeted all mega heroes, here comes the super comment of him.

Power is always there in air and there is no need to talk about him. His Power is always there’, stressed Bunny, highlighting the power of powerful Tollywood hero Pawan Kalyan. Once again the auditorium went into huge shouts and crazy whistles with Bunny’s dialogue and even Chiru clapped to the core.

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