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Alludu Seenu

Cast : BellamKonda Sreenivaas, Samantha, Prakash raj, Vennela Kishore, Pradhyumn Singh and Others.

Directed by : V V Vinayak.

Language : Telugu.

Genre : Action.

Release date : 25th July 2014.

Rating : 2.75/5

Music : Devi Sri Prasad.

BottomLine : One time Watchable.

Plot : Alludu Seenu ( Sreenivas) is a jobless guy, who ekes out his life by borrowing money from his villagers. He lives with his uncle, Narsimha (Prakash raj). They both plan to escape to chennai because of money lenders threats, But they land  in Hyderabad. Seenu stumble across the doppleganger of his uncle called Bhai (Prakash raj) who is a gangster in the city. Seenu makes his uncle as the imposter of bhai, and mints money. In the meantime, He falls in love with anjali (Samantha) who is the daughter of bhai. Anjali mistakes that seenu as her fiance.She falls deeply in love with seenu.Meanwhile, Bhai learns that the doppleganger as his elder brother and wants to kill him. Anjali finds out that seenu is not her fiance then avoids him.Why bhai wants to kill his brother? What is their story? How Seenu plays a key role in his uncle’s life? Are main parts of the story.

V.V Vinayak has introduced the famous producer bellamkonda Suresh’ s son Sreenivas to the industry with this film. This is a typical commercial entertainer. A very talented technicians are worked together for this film.  Vinayak comes up with routine concept, but his narrative style is good. Editing is just okay Placement of the songs is not good. Cinematography is great. Music scored by DSP is nice. Production values are good.

Debutant Sreenivas has done a commendable job. His moves, stunts and acting skills are amazing. He has a bright future. Samantha has done a good job. Her glamour is a plus point for the film. Prakash raj did a fantastic jon in a dual role. There are few unconvincing action sequences chuckles you along with brahmi the supporting cast is okay in their roles.

You can watch this movie for brahmanandam comic timing.

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