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Alone Movie Review

Cast : Bipasha Basu,  Karan grover singh, Zakir hussain and others.

Directed by : Bhusan Patel.

Language :  Hindi.

Genre : Horror.

Release date : 16th January 2014.

Rating : 2/5

Music : Mithoon and ankit tiwari.

Bottom Line : Old wine in Old bottle.

In Bollywood, Most of the horror movies have hadn’t done good business at the box office. Bipasha basu has come up with horror suject  today to entertain the audience. Let us to tell you more details about this film.

The  Alone opens In kerela, An old woman scrutinise her house premises owing to eerie sounds, Abruptly,  A ghost relases from the diapidated out-house and greets the old woman. The poor old lady falls in coma.At the same time in mumbai, Sanjana ( Bipasha Basu) celebrates her birthday with her husband, kabir ( Karan grover singh) and friends. She gets a call from kerela about her mother health, Sanjana arrives In kerela long with kabir. As soon as she lands in the house, The ghost haunts her. Sanjana realises that ghost is none other than her deceased twin sister spirit, Anjana ( Bipasha basu). One day Anjana incarinate into Sanjana body then things go awry. Why Anjana haunts sanjana? How Sanjana gets rid of anjana? What will kabir do when things go awry? Forms the crux of the story.

Director Bhushan patel who is interesting in making horror films, is come up with the horror movie again. But this time he is completely failed to scare the audience with his skills. Even though it is the adaptation of thai film ‘alone’ this kind of movies have already hit the screens. The narrative style is tedious. Editing is too poor. Music composed by ankit and mithoon is also not catchy. Cinematography is the only saving grace.Production values are good.

Bipasha basu is not new to horror genre. she has earlier done Raaz 3 and creature movies. Perhaps, that experience came in handy for her.She did a nice job in her role. Model turned actor Karan singh grover has done a fair job as kabir.Zakir hussain’s performance is mediocre .Rest of the cast is okay in their respective roles.

On the whole,  Alone is an old wine in old bottle. The content whatever it offered is not scary and not even comedy. Business wise, tough time ahead. Thumbs down.

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