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American Hustle

Cast : Christian Bale, Bradely Cooper, Amy Adams,Jennifer Lawerence, Jeremy Renner, Louis CK, Jack Huston and Others.

Directed by : David O Russell

Language : English

Genre : Drama

Release date : 17th January 2014 (India)

Rating : 3.25/5

Music : Danny Elfman

BottomLine : Top-notch performances from lead actors.

Plot : Irving Rosenfeld (Christain Bale) is a con man (Confidence artist), he comes across Sydney Prosser (Amy adams) who is a knockout former stripper from New Mexico. In a matter of time, they fall for each other. Sydney poses as Lady Edith, a Britian citizen with London banking connections to lure patsies into a fake loan scheme. An FBI Agent Richie DImaso (Bradely Cooper) catches the couple in a loan scam. He coerces Sydney and Irving into helping him nail corrupt public officials, offers additional four white collar arrests will clear their names. Sydney opposes the offer and tries to flee the country but irving is a married man, he has adopted son and disgruntled wife Rosayln (Jennifer lawerence) who hesitate to give divorce to her husband. Their main target is Carmine Polito (Jeremy Renner), a new jersey mayor. Are they succeed in nabbing four public officials/ what happened to Irving and sydney are main parts of the story.

Silver Linings play book fame David O Rusell comes up with fictional story based on abscam in US. He laced the crime story with playful humor and 70’s style. He did an awesome job as the director. The screenplay is too gripping. Cinematographer is just focused on the characters,It is nice. Music fits very well with scenes. Editing is too good. There are too many catchy dialogues Production values are good.

Christian bale is outstanding as con man, He looks so flabby, look at his acting skills in the machinist he looked so lean in that film.He moulds his body according to the character, kudos to his commitment. Bradely is just brilliant as hot headed FBI agent. He tickels the funny bone of audience in few scenes. Amy adams is amazing, Jennifer lawerence stole the show she did an awesome job. the rest of the cast has done an impressive job.

Watch it for the jaw dropping lead cast performances.

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