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Cast : Nayanatara , Harshavardhan rane, Vaibhav, Naresh, Pashupathy and Others.

Directed by : Sekhar kammula.

Language : Telugu

Genre : Drama Thriller

Release date : 1st may 2014

Rating : 2.75/5

Music : MM Keeravani

BottomLine : Nayanatara’s search ends here for a hit.

Plot : Anaamika ( Nayanatara )is an NRI woman. She comes to hyderabad from US in search of her missing husband, Ajay shastri( Harshavardhan rane ) who is a software engineer. she lodges a complaint with the local police station, stating that his husband has been missing from one week. As local police is not interested in the case. She finds help from the sub inspector, Sarathy (Vaibhav) who shows interest in this case. They manage to get some clues.Circle Inspector thwarts them to make more progress in the case. As CI falls to death,they suspect some conspiracy behind missing of ajay. Anaamika finds a hard disk which has an important information regarding the case in CI s house. In the meantime,Home minister ( Naresh) asks pasha (Pasupathy ) who is an investigating officer to find out the hard disk. Who is Ajay Shastri? What is his real identity? What are the odds anaamika comes across to find out her husband whereabouts? Why home minister asked officer to find out hard disk? are main parts of the story.

This is the remade film of bollywood blockbuster Kahaani. Sekhar kammula is impressed with the story line and remade the film in telugu and tamil languages. Sekhar kammula has managed to keep audience on suspense mode but he lost some grip in key scenes. Narrative style should have been much better. Editing is not bad in first half. Vijay C kumar’s cinematography is an additional advantage. The ace musician MM keervani has composed brilliant back ground music. BGM is one of the plus points. Production values are good.

Nayanatara has emoted very well.She stole with her brilliant performance. Infact, she carries the movie on her shoulders. She may get few awards for her performance. Harshavardhan rane did a cameo eventhough his character has got lot of importance. Vaibhav is okay in his role. Naresh is not bad. Rest of the cast has done justice to their roles.

Go and watch it for Nayanatara’s performance.

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