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Analysis of Dark knight and logan – Who changed comic book movies

I will answer for How do people consider Logan is different than The Dark Knight at the same time they are having similarities

There are many similarities between them and main striking theme of these films is loss ,seriousness in relations and less superhero elements .Yes both of them as grounded a possible and game changers in this genre .We can say these movies are unconventional to other movies in this genre.The logan is much more drama like a low budgeted indie film feel to it.The biggest difference is R rating of logan movie.You can see lots of blood .Dark knight is toned down violence but still the raw impact is there due to powerful acting,well directed scenes with terrific music

Dark Knight

  • It is completely set in neo noir gangster type theme where batman works with cops to bring down criminals ans restoring peace in Gotham city
  • Dark knight deals with loss of loved ones in many scenes
  • Dark knight ending scene depicts departure of batman and leaving his role and peace restored
  • darkknight showed the chaos and craziness of adults
  • dark knight mainly focused on overall theme Chaos and movie focuses on this theme with scenes like ending scene ,interrogation scene ,Harvey dent ending scenes


  • Logan is competently set like a western theme after post Apocalypse era type world
  • Logan also deals with loss of loved ones and coping the situations
  • Logan also departures from this world and restoring peace
  • Logan showed the innocence of children and main theme is children in this movie
  • Logan is unlike a theme focused movie like dark knight it is a more character based movie.The movie is revolves around logan and every scene justifies or elaborated on Logan life

Finally I feel both are great movies in this superhero films era .Both movies are great in their own game and showed that superhero movies can be dealt unconventionally with more drama .So we cannot pick which is great but its more like an individual interest

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