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Ancient hindu knowlege science is superior to current science

Not only Hindu religion but all other religions also having a great science involved at that time like Mayan era ,Egyptian people .now coming to Hinduism there are really great people at that time who did some advanced science .Now many people just including everything like Rocket concept as vedic science which I feel they overdoing it .Some of ancient technology and references are here

Arya bhatta invented Zero – with out Zero it is nothing.Aryabhatta invented this.Zero is called as Sesha in Sanskrit. Sesha(Anantha sesha) is a representation of Snake where Supreme lord Vishnu sees the whole universe.the representation is without Sesha there is no universe and without Zero there is nothing exists in world

brahmaguptha concept of postive and negative numbers

Sushruta is the ancient sage doctor who healed people with Ayurveda

The shanka vishnu or other deities used by gods is representation of Fibonacci series

Samkha’ has the etymological meaning of pacifying the inauspicious. The auspiciousness is due to the golden section spiral under Fibonacci series


The legend on Artha shsatrsa (economy,warfare and politics).Most of west geniuses read and understood this and they gave back us this wisdom with pictures,nice prints and big English terminology while we completely ignored this

Bhagavadgeetha (the song of god )

one of great philosophical book gifted to mankind

Not only Eisenstein but many ester philosophers,freedom fighters ,scientists are influenced by this

Yoga and meditation

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