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Ant Man Review – A Solid Super hero entertainer

 Ant-Man Review – 3/5

Director: Peyton Reed

Starring: Paul Rudd, Michael Douglas

Whats it about ?

A Technology that can Shink a person to an Ant size so that that can be useful in missions.Film theme is always big things ,big superheroes not useful sometimes small super heroes can do different things.This is a story about a guy Scott Lang played by  Paul Rudd who releases from a prison for his thefts and contacted by an Ex shield Agent Michael Douglas to help him in a mission of heist. The villain is creating similar kind of shrinking technology that can be used in wrong ways so hero team should steal from him,Whether hero and team successfully full of this heist Watch movie to find out


Whats good?

Plot is good and different .Ant Man power is good as sometimes he can be bigger and some times he can be smaller.Villain yellow jacket is a good concept and cast is exceptional especially Michael douglas.Ant Man Paul Rudd is funny and a lot of one liners are there like all other Marvel movies.Hero friends gang is super funny and they provided great comic relief.Cinematography and visuals are best and last 30 minutes action is brilliant

Whats bad?

Length .Yes length is short means this can be good or bad how you handle it.Movie is about 110 minutes which is quite good that means they have to pull the audience into the drama fast but Ant man takes lots of screen time in developing all other plots and only at last 45 minutes you will feel movie is interesting.They should have taken care first 35 mins in an interesting manner.Villain is not that much strong.There is not that much chemistry or plot going  between hero and heroine

Overall Analysis

Ant man is fun and visually spectacular with a different concept and well executed action scenes.If you can bear first half of the movie ,movie will blasts you with crazy action of 30 mins at end

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