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Anthaka mundu aa taruvatha movie review

CB Rating: 3 / 5
Cast: Sumanth Aswin, Eesha
Director: Indraganti Mohan Krishna
Producer: K.L.Damodhar Prasad
Music Director: Kalyani Koduri
Release Date: 23 August 2013

After the four totally different films MohanKrishna Indraganti directed Antaka mundu aa taruvatha under Ranjith movies. Sumanth Ashwin and Eesha acted in lead roles. P.G.Vinda handled the cinematography. Let move into the review.

Anil (Ashwin), a florist falls in love with Ananya (Eesha) at very first sight. After some incidents, Ananya also loves Anil and expresses their doubts after marriage through seeing their parents. Then both make a decision to reside together ahead of marriage for two months. The rest of the story is all about what are the incidents they faced on this duration.

Ashwin as Anil did his easiest. His matured performance, dialogue delivery, his voice is excellent. He is additionally just right at emotional scenes but have to toughen to prove a easiest actor. Eesha, a Telugu girl is good at her performance. She appeared like a next door girl. However she did not have features for becoming commercial heroin. Rao Ramesh is excellent, Ravibabu did neatly. Re-entry of Madhubala as Heroin’s mom is relatively smart. The rest did their best

The first half of being good with good interval bang whereas Second half is driven emotionally which is great. The family issues proven in this film is relatively completely different problems which aren’t shown until now in any movie. The way in which of adjusting of Anil character has been just right. In some scenes we will get fear about marriage but eventually we can like it needless to say. The story is handled relationship however there’s no Boothu in this Youth movie.

Direction by Mohankrishna Indraganti is great. The best way he is doing movies without touching the same genre made by him. He directed an artwork movie, Mythological movie, Comedy film, Inspirational movie and Romantic feel good film. I feel he is following a single genre film like Hollywood. At the climax he raised the graph to Peak level. The way he carried the emotion is very good especially when heroine kisses hero mom is fantastic. Cinematography by P.G.Vinda is good. Kalyan koduri music is good. Editing through Marthand. k. Venkatesh is promising. Production values through Ranjith movies are excellent.

Must watch film for sensible movie lovers and strictly not for Mass Maharaja’s

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