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Cast : Manchu Vishnu, Revathi, Brahmanadam, Surya, Navadeep Tejaswi, Madhu shalini and Others.

Directed by : Ram Gopal Varma.

Language : Telugu.

Genre : Crime Thriller.

Release date : 13th September 2014.

Rating : 3/5.

Music : Sai Karthik.

Bottom Line : RGV is back.

Plot : Gowtham ( Manchu Vishnu ) is a police officer. He leads a happy life with his wife, Satya ( Tejaswi ). Meanwhile, A Psycho named Seetharam ( Surya ) is killing the girls for pleasure. Gowtham tries to nab the serial killer at the earliest to curb the murders. A behaviour science researcher, Shailaja ( Revathi ) comes forward to help Gowtham in solving the mystery case. How Gowtham comes to know about Seetharam? How he solved the mystery? Forms the crux of the story.

If Ram gopal varma directed movie is hitting the screens means It could be either horror or thriller. Yes,even this time also he comes up with a crime thriller which revolves around serial killer who kills girls for pleasure.One has guts to make this kind of without songs, Commericial elements and Comedy quotient in telugu cinema, But RGV and Manchu Vishnu made this film with alot of confidence and they got succeed at boxoffice. The first half is all about the serial killer. Second half shows about how protagonist takes on antagonist. There are some irrational scenes in second half. Editor has done a fine job. Cinematographer is not bad. He has shown the ample rustic ambience. Back ground score by sai kartheek is pumped up the visuals. Production values are good.

This is one of the best performance in manchu vishnu career. His dialogue delivery reminds you of Rowdy movie. Revathi did a good as a behaviour science researcher. Madhu shalini hasn’t got much space on screen. Navdeep and Tejaswi have made a good cameo appearance. Debutante Surya has done a phenomenal job as serial killer. Brahmanadam’ s performance is just passable.The supporting cast especially few girls have done a nice job in key scenes.

Anukshanam is a relief movie from commerical potboilers and Mass masala movies.A few frames reminds you of bollywood crime thriller Murder 2,But this one has its own values. Ram gopal varma is back with bang. This movie is recommendable for crime thriller genre lovers.

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