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Anushka in Love with Arya?

Anushka Tollywood top heroine is in love with Arya, as per Kollywood news Anushka and Arya are in deep love. After Simbhu and Hansika it is Anushka and Arya. They both paired for a Tamil movie Irandam Ulagam which is going to be dubbed as Varna in Telugu.

When media asked Arya about this, he said “I laughed when I saw the news that I was in love with Anushka. We are very good friends. Apart from this, there is nothing between us.There was news that I have accompanied Anushka for Singam 2 success function held in Hyderabad. I had gone for that function but I did not accompany her”.

Before confirmation of their love Simbhu and Hansika said same stories. Only time will decide the truth.

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