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Top 5 Horrible movies I watched list


 I am listing the movies I am unable to sit Number 23 This movie is received mixed by many audience some even praised that it is a classic but I felt every twist is cheap and some how I am unable to see this movie.For me it is awful After earth movie No dude the fear is there in theteres …

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Movies special list – Hollywood movies with best visuals


As per the cinematographer – It’s important to note that Terry shoots with the different cameras to achieve those slightly different looks he reflects his love life and tragedy involved There were certain scenes, such as the ones in nightclubs where the original colors used .These scenes are really brilliant visually Already tomorrow in HONG KONG Almost the film will …

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Sherlock season 4 Episode 3 special analysis


the episode has definitely not best episode of the series but definitely will be in top 5 for me . 1.This is one of the spisode where we will see Sherlock,Mycroft and Watson working together for entire episode which is very great to watch 2.This episode is where bendict showed his acting range as a traumatized and more emotional which …

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