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Actors special -Top 10 qualities of a great Actor article

  Good acting is how much the actor is able to connect his character with audience .In game of thrones everyone cheered when Jeffery got died.The actor did an awesome job by connecting to audience emotionally Follow this amazing article from What makes a great actor? An actor must be convincing in his role and accurately portray elements such …

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A AA reaching towards 50 crores

A aa doing wonderfull business in all areas Already movie is the 3rd highest grosser of telugu films Now movie is racing towards 50 crores and if movie can continue this for another week then 60 crores is possible.Movie distributed for 37 crores so already every one is in profit zone

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What actually a First Assistant Director (First AD) do in films Article

Source – Creative skillset First Assistant Director (First AD) Industries: Film Personality type: Organiser Departments: Direction The lowdown Being the Director’s right-hand person, taking responsibility for a number of important practicalities so that the Director is free to concentrate on the creative process Breaking down the script into a shot-by-shot storyboard, working with the Director to determine the shoot order, …

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A AA did great business on first day

it seems A AA on its way to become a summer hit .With good number of positive reviews and Audience also gave thumbs up for the movie although story is thin technical work and Trivikram’s magic worked for the film.Film collected a huge 9 crore which is good for nithin starrer.Film sold out for 36 crores and movie will easily …

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