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Films analysis of lezends Christopher Nolan and Steven speilberg

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Steven Spielberg movies may not contain Nolan type of brain twisting stories but he is much more superior director than Nolan considering his filmography.i am a big Nolan fan but still Nolan to attempt many genres . Dunkirk success is very important for Nolan to secure a place in all time great directors where as Steven speilberg reached that position …

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Movies special list -nice Films for Intelligence audience


I already answered similar question and giving same answer here with added movies.Intillegence can be a philosophical or scientific or emotional .So some movies may be different to your opinion but give a try these movies Drive The number of analysis made on his character of drive itself shows what a deep mysterious classic it is.Normally gosling plays a chatter …

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Cinematography – Gravity cinematographer chivo articles


reading articles and watching interviews is a good start on chivo This a ebook where you ahve to install app and can read it The Real Emmanuel Lubezki – 66 Things You Did Not Know Read below articles edited by Benjamin B 6 Things Lubezki’s Cinematography Can Teach You – Jamuura Blog

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Action specail story – John wick and come back of Action movies


This type of action filmmaking that led a great momentum going in 90s and occasionally in 2000s with films like heat,man on fire,point break etc . After 2010 mainly comic book movies are termed as action movies .Transformers,super hero movies,gigantic cgi action filled movies overtaken film Industry and the thrill of simple action with out CGI lost in all this …

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Filmmaking – Difference between novel,script writing and directing


Novel writing It is free writing where writer can put their thoughts into words .Novels won’t have specific rules to follow so it is much more creative compared to all other writings Screenplay writing It is more visual writing compared to Novel writing as screenwriter has to give some specifics like location,charterer name ,transitions etc.A screenplay will have 90–120 pages …

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Movies special list – Movies on survival


martian – Its all about human spirit With an exceptional performance from Matt Damaon combined with terrific Ridely scotts vision The Martian shows human spirit in an unimaginable sci-fi adventure.The theme is ‘there is nothing can breakdown human spirit not a person,not a bad situation and even not a dry planet like mars end our hero conquered Mars with his …

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Marvel super hero movies success analysis


I think the model they adopted is brilliant by dividing movies in phases with clear cut idea for 10 years They learnt from their mistakes Choosing good directors especially giving new directors a chance but keeping them in check by a head person who wlll have a complete control like Kevin feige The characters are built from each movie although …

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screenwriting – Syd field recommeded movies on screenplay writing


Sydfield talks many films in his book .I read this book around 5 years ago so I remembering these films Sea biscuit – The spirit of going ahead in spite of failing He discussed the screenplay and thought process behind it and compared to great depression .The script not only says the story of Horse but it is a symbolism …

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