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Autonagar Surya leaked Dialogues!!!!!

‘AutoNagar surya’ is one of the much awaited flick in toliywood and the movie grabbed much attention with the release of its first teaser. Prasthanam fame Deva Katta penned powerful dialogues for the movie. But the movie was stopped due to unknown reasons and after a long time the shooting was resumed.

“Meeranthaa maari poyaaru baabai….nijaaniki doorangaa paari poyaaru….”

“Neninkaa pasivadiney…manishey vyavastha ani nammi thiruguthunna aarella pasodini…”

“Bhoomi mida puttina prathi okkadiki oka hakku undi..telisina pani chesukuntoo edagatam..kaani aa hakkuni kabja chesthu edagadam naa hakku ..charithraloni prathi porataaniki idhe kaaranam”

“Nenu anaadhane kaani anaamakudini kadu ..naa peru surya ..autonagar surya”

The movie is totally depended on the Vijayawada politics and Chaitu character is said to be a energetic guy who fights with a city mayor. Samantha playing the female lead role with her debut hero.Anoop rubens composing the music and the movie is supposed to release for Diwali……

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