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AutoNagar Surya Movie Review

Cast : Naga Chaitanya, Samantha ruth Prabhu, Sai kumar,Brahmi, Madhu ,and others.

Directed By : Deva Katta.

Language : Telugu.

Genre : Political Thriller.

Release date : 27th june 2014.

Rating : 2/5.

Music : Anup Rubens.

Bottom Line : Dialogues are the only saving grace.

Plot : A rich baddie, Kota lingam (Madhu) kills the Surya ( Naga Chaitanya)’s parents in his child hood in a train. After a few years, Surya lands in AutoNagar, grows up as an automobile mechanic. He goes to jail for killing a baddie in teenage, there he becomes an automobile engineering graduate with the help of jail warden ( Tanikella Bharani). As soon as released from the jail he learns that entire autonagar is controlled by the dreadful city mayor called Kota lingam .Indra (Jaya Prakash) leads the minions of kota lingam. Every firm owner in autonagar must be a part of the union and pay extra taxes to run their business without any issues. Being an automobile engineering graduate surya decides to create a revolution in automobile industry by inventing a battery car.He establishes a garage in autonagar. Thugs commands surya to take an admission in union. Naturally, surya believes in dignity of labour so, he goes against thugs.How surya cope with all the odds? What will happen to surya? How surya will take revenge on Kota lingam for killing his parents? are main parts of the story.

Deva katta came in limelight with prasthnam which did a good business at boxoffice. But this time he has written the weak story which is based on the 90′s circumstances in vijayawada. These kind of subject has less scope for entertainment. Deva has written some super dialogues which are the only saving grace. Screenplay is not upto the mark. Editor goutham raju has not done a fair job, few scenes could have been trimmed. Art direction department has done a good job. Cinematography is not alright. Anup rubens composed BGM is good. Production values are just okay.

Naga Chaitanya tried his best to show mass acting skills. His dialogue delivery is okay.Samantha has confined to songs and first half, She didn’t get much chance to prove her mettle. This pair ( Chaitanya and samantha) has earned alot of success with ‘ye maya chesave’ and ‘manam’, but this time they have failed to repeat the same magic. Nandu did a fine job. Few actors have been wasted like saikumar, brahmi and JP. James didn’t look like a demon. The supporting cast is not bad.

This one remains a damp squib at box office because of weak plot. One time watchable just for dialogues.

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