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baahubali 2 conclusion mini review – A good sequel with weak climax

Its really a visual epic although it has some drawbacks

  • The story is better compared to first part .In bahubali the beginning the war scene is on par with hollywood movies while in conclusion the war scenes are not that much great
  • The charecters journey is really fasinating and not even a single charecter is wasted in terms of acting .
  • Amarendra baahubali charecter is soul of the movie .His cahrecter is like larger than life on level of great kings but I hoped more from him.The charecter can be used many ways but most of the time especailly in first half it revolves around devasena
  • Kattappa humor in first half is really a great approach because the main plot is why kattappa killed baahubali so the fastest way to do that is by establishing humor between the main charecters.
  • The scene and episode of wkkb is really done brilliantly although the reason is just ok but the direction,acting and emotions are top notch
  • Prabhas in serious scenes exceed in his acting and one of the best portrayel of kings
  • The final 30 mins is somewhat weak in the film .We can’t measure their strenghts because this is many cneturies back and warriors at that time defontely a way stronger than comparing to our modern society but still some action stunts are little bit over
  • Finally movie is must watch for its technical brilliance,emotional story teeling and for its brilliant performances

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