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BABY movie review

Cast : Akshay Kumar, Tapsee Pannu, Daggubati Rana, Danny Dzengopa, Kay kay menon and Others.

Directed by : Neeraj Pandey.

Language : Hindi.

Genre : Action Thriller.

Release date : 23 January 2015.

Rating : 3.5/5

Music : MM kareem and Sonjoy Chaudhary.

Bottom line : Another masterpiece of director.

When the makers announced ‘BABY’ as movie title, There were lot of specualtions about plot by movie buffs. When the trailer was released, Audience got an idea about BABY.It is an action thriller, which revolves around  a temporary secret service and terrorists.After Holiday, Akshay has essayed a complete action role in this film. let’s go into the review.

BABY starts with Firoz (Dzengopa), who is cheif of a temporary secret service named BABY. He explains about the terrorists and how BABY formed. Then we move into Istanbul,  A member of BABY, Ajay (  Akshay) is on mission to save his colleague from terrorists. In this course, He learns that perpetrators are planning to launch massive attacks in india. Jai ( Rana Daggubati) and Ajay foils the first plan made by a bunch of terrorists in delhi.Meanwhile, A most wanted terrorist, Bilal (Kay kay menon) escapes from mumbai jail. Firoz puts Ajay, Jai, Priya( Tapsee) and Shukla ( Anupam kher) on a mission to nab Bilal. In this process team baby cope with a lot of issues. What are those issues? Will BABY able to nab bilal? How the temporary secret service agency become permanent?  Are main parts of the story.

A wednesday, Director Neeraj pandey comes up with BABY today on screens. He has meticulously written this espionage thriller. There is no dull moments. The climax makes you sit on the edge of seat. Like all thrillers, It has less quotient comedy and romance. The main point of the story is to nab a most wanted terrorist, who is in Saudi arbia. Even though the runtime is 2hrs 40 mins, no viewer might not feel lethargic. Some dialogues are extremely good.cinematography by sudeep chatterjee is great. Editing is okay. Back ground score composed by Sonjoy chaudhary is nice. Production values are good.

Akshay kumar deserves special applause for choosing this subject. His peformance is outstanding as an atheltic secret service agent. Rana looks so dashing but his role is minimal, He has very less dialogues. Tapsee pannu did a nice job. Anupam kher has offered few chuckles. Danny Dzengopa did a fabulous job. The supporting cast has done a great job.

On the whole, BABY is an another masterpiece of Neeraj pandey.


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