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‘Bahubali’ cause of worry to Prabhas

S S Rajamouli is undoubtedly a great director and actors would do anything to do his film as it is like a sure hit in a safe lock for them. There were reports about how Anushka lot her weight and charm preparing for the film when everyone saw her at the audio launch of Singam 2, and her well wishers were reportedly worried about the future offers.

Now looks like something similar is haunting the Young Rebel Star Prabhas. While Prabhas is shooting for ‘Bahubali’ his call sheets are booked for the next 18 months to two years. It is reportedly heard that according to the script the film’s runtime is 3.5 hrs but now it is heard that the makers of the film want to extend it by another half an hour and be made in two parts.

Extra half an hour would mean that extra days of shooting. We are looking at another six months of shooting which will take away Prabhas’s call sheets. Friend and well wishers of Prabhas and Prabhas himself are now worried that saying to other films for such a long time might affect his career.

We saw that a big gap after back to back hits like ‘Darling’ and ‘Mr. Perfect’ affected Prabhas as his next film ‘Rebel’ bombed at the box-office. Prabhas just has a stupendous success in Mirchi and people close to him are worried that a long gap might affect him again.

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