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Bajrangi Bhaijaan Review – A decent attempt by Salmaan and Kabir with an emotional Climax

Bajrangi Bhaijaan Review:

CinemaBabu Rating: 3.25/5

Cast: Salmaan khan, Kareena kapoor , Nawazuddien siddique,Harshaali  and Others.

Music: Pritam

Cinematography: Aseem Mishra

Produces: Salmaan Khan

Story: Viayendra Prasad

Screenplay, Direction: Kabhir Khan

Release Date: 17th  July, 2015

Plot: A young speech-impaired girl  played by Harshaali from Pakistan who finds herself lost in India with no way to head back over the border to her home. An Indian man  who is devotee of Hanman (Salman Khan) undertakes the task to get her back to her home and reunite her with her family.A pakisthani reporter played by Nawazuddin Siddiqui helps to salmaan khan in the journey ,watch the movie how it ends

Before the Camera – Salamaan acted in so many ‘crap’busters movies from last 5 years and every movie is a big hit except Jaiho.Only meaningful movies from 2010 are Dabangg,Bodigaurd to some extend.But in this movie he completly shunned his Superstar image and played very a subtle role.His performance is top notch and watch climax for his superb acting talent.Next the little girl did a great job to her age with her expressions and emotions she carried with her eyes are brilliant.The complete show stealer of the movie is Nawazuddien siddiqui.He is only comic relief in this movie with a typical sense of humor and he exceeded in every scene with portrayed emotions .He will surely reach great heights to the caliber of acting he has.Kareena got a limited role and she is ok and other cast are also good

Behind the Camera –  Kabhir khan and Salmaan khan already did a movie named Ek tha tiger and became a blockbuster although that movie completly relied on action scenes but this time Kabir concentrated on human emotions and showing mindsets of different people from two counties.Actually the message is good in a way that everyside good people will be there due to pilitical affairs between two countries people are suffering heavily.This story is written by Vijeyandra prasad(Rajamouli’s team) and like his every movie story is basic but high on emotions.Backgrounf music is added depth to the emotional scenes while Cinematography is top notch by capturing geographical scenes

Plus: Cast,Cinematography,music,theme,Climax

Minus: Editing(shuld have been cut down by 15 mins),some times movie is slow and some times very fast,basic story and not having typical salmaan khan antics ,so may be some die hard action  fans cant digest this simple drama

Bottom-Line: Go With a expectation that you are watching a simple journey of man and troubles he is facing in reaching the girl from India to Pakistaan.Defintly a one time watch for his performances emotions and a great fitting climax

Reviewed By: Cinemababu…


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