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Balayya Roaring like a Hungry Lion !!

One actor who is synonymous with high voltage powerful dialogues is Nandamuri Balakrishna. Even if the lines lack meaning and logic when delivered by Balakrishna they become heavy and is enough to drive the masses crazy. It is reportedly heard that Balayya in his high voltage mode for his new film ‘Ruler’.

The shooting of the film is underway at Ramoji Film City where director Boyapati Srinu is capturing the introductory fight sequences. According to the unit members it is reportedly heard that Balakrishna looks hungry for success and is exhibiting high energy levels and is very aggressive in his dialogue delivery and performance.

The general talk in the industry is that no one dares to come before Balayya when he is in a angry mood. With Balayya showing such intensity it is reportedly heard that everyone are keeping distance from the actor. With the way things are shaping up looks like Balakrishna is gearing up to give a high energy action entertainer and memorable dialogues to his fans with his film ‘Ruler’.

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