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Balupu Movie Dialogues in Bollywood

There is more than one reason for Raviteja and his team of ‘balupu’ to feel happy about. While the movie is declared a commercial hit offering a much needed break to Raviteja’s career, even writer Kona Venkat who came out of Srinu Vytla camp worked for ‘balupu’ proved his worth. On the other side, we may not be hearing on Hindi remake of this hit film but for sure some of the punch dialogues scored by Raviteja are to be lifted as it as for usage in Bollywood.

Though unclear on whether it is Salman Khan or Akshay Kumar but one of them for sure is going to make their writers pen the Hindi version of ‘balupu’ punches with same throw. Mass films of Tollywood are influencing the trend of Bollywood and ‘balupu’ is also one among them. Director Gopichand Malineni and producer Prasad V Potluri are for the moment enjoying the success.

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