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Bang Bang

Cast : Hrithik Roshan, Katrina Kaif, Danny Denzengopa, Jimmy shergill, Javeed Jeffrey and Others.

Directed by : Siddharth Anand.

Language : Hindi.

Genre : Action.

Release date : 2nd October 2014.

Rating : 2.25/5.

Music : Vishal Sekhar.

Bottom Line : A Damp Squibb.

Plot : Rajveer Nanda ( Hrithik roshan ) is an amazing theif. He steals the kohinoor diamond from London musuem. One day he bumps into an innocent bank receptionist, Harleen Sahin ( Katrina kaif ) and she falls in love with him. An international terrorist, Omar Zafar ( Danny Dzengopa ) is trying to chase Rajveer for kohinoor diamond. Who will win the chase is rest of the story.

This is the official remake of Hollywood flick ‘Knight and Day’ but bang bang doesn’t have similarities with knight and day. Siddharth anand who earned the lime light with anjaana anjaani and Ta ra rum pum is the captain of this ship. The makers have obviously pumped in a lot of money here. The actors are seen using every mode of transport from speeding bikes, formula one cars, speed boat and even sea planes. If all this could make the film entertaining, the whopping budget would have been worth. The screenplay is so lethargic. Some action scenes are cool but they haven’t been given enough screen space. Music by vishal sekhar is average. Cinematography is extremely good.Production values are great.

Hrithik Roshan looks good and that’s nothing new but don’t expect any great acting here since he was just expected to run from one place to the other. Katrina Kaif was given a silly role and there was little she could do about it. Dzengopa is not upto the mark as baddie. Rest of the cast are okay in their respective roles.

The much hyped bang bang turned out to be a damp Squibb at box office. Watch this one for cool action sequences.

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