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Bangaru Kodipetta

Cast : Navadeep, Swati, Harshavardhan, Ram, Laxman and Others.

Directed by : Raj Pippalani

Language : Telugu

Genre : Rom – com

Release date : 7th March 2014

Rating : 2.5/5

Music : Mahesh Shankar

BottomLine : Good concept but poor narration.

Plot : Vamsi (Navadeep) is a technician. Bhanu (Swati) is a sales executive at the energy drinks.They like each other. Bhanu gets removed from her job owing to fake graduation certificate by her manager ( Harshavardhan). At the same time she comes to know about pongal gifts ( Gold coins and biscuits) that are arriving from banglore. Swati plans to rob those gold coins with vamsi. Meanwhile, Dorababu ( Ram) loses all his assets in playing cards and become bankrupt.Dorababu’s brother Erra babu ( Laxman) is crorepati. Due to family feud they live separtely. Dorababu’s financer ask him to repay their money by getting Errababu’s Cock (Kodipetta). Financers betray him.On the other hand Venu(Santosh) is a pizza boy who comes to the city to become an actor.His mother is struggling with financial problems. Are bhanu and vamsi succeed in robbery? What happened to dorababu? Why financiers betray him?How venu solved his problems and become actor? Are main parts of the story.

Raj pippalani’ s narration is not upto the mark. He failed to elevate the chemistry between lead pair.Screenplay is quite banal.Editing could have been much better.Background music failed to pump up the scenes.The only best part of the movie is cinematography.Production values are good.

Navadeep did a fine job. He suits very well to that lead role.Swati emoted very well. She justified her role. Harshavardhan did a brilliant job. Ram and Laxman have given decent performance. Santosh is good in his role. The rest of the cast is okay.

Good concept but poor narration

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