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Beeruva movie review

Cast : Sundeep Kishan, Surabhi, Naresh, Mukesh rishi, Shankar and Others.

Directed by : Kanmani.

Language : Telugu.

Genre : Romance Comedy.

Release date : 23 January 2015.

Rating : 2.75/5.

Music  : SS Thaman.

Bottom Line : This cupboard has full of cracks.

Young actor Sundeep Kishan is coming up with Beeruva, directed by  ‘Chinnodu’ fame Kanmani. Sundeep kishan’s last film joru was a disaster at the box office. Beeruva is touted as the romantic entertainer.After a long time, Usha kiran movies producing this movie in association with Anandi arts. Let’s read this review to know how this movie is doing at the box office.

Beeruva opens with a cartoon cupboard narrates it ordeal to the viewers. A minister son (Ajay) gifts a duplex flat to his girlfriend. She buys home furniture for her new duplex flat. While tidying the things in flat. Suddenly, Our hero Sanju ( Sundeep Kishan) comes out of the cupboard and narrates his story to her. Sanju is a mischievous guy who likes to spend most of  time in cupboard since his childhood. His father ( Naresh) is  tycoon. Sanju comes across Swati ( Surabhi) and falls in love with her. One day his father gets swindled by a fraudster in a business deal. Sanju and his father approach a powerful man, Adhikeshavalu ( Mukesh rishi), to settle the issue. Sanju learns that swati is adhikeshavlu daughter after seeing her in gangster’s house.After settlement of the business issue, Sanju and his father drives back to home. Adhikeshavlu learns that his daughter elopes with sanju. On the other hand, minister son plans to marry swati to make his political entrance easier. But minister son learns that sanju is in his girlfriend flat. What will minister son do? How the Beeruva ( cupboard) helps sanju to win his love? Are main parts of the story.


Chinnodu fame Kanmani has written a routine love story by highlighting the cupboard element but that doesn’t work out very well. Screenplay is quite tedious in some parts. Comedy track is okay. Editing should have been better. Climax is quite lengthy. Chota K Naidu’s Apart from cheliya cheliya song none of the songs are failed to register in my mind. SS thaman composed Background score is not upto the mark. Production values are okay.


Sundeep kishan has done his part well as mischievous guy. In certain scenes he tried to imitate pawan kalyan. His dancing skills are good. Citizen actress, Surabhi’s performance is okay.veteran actor Naresh did a great job as protagonist father. Mukesh rishi has justified his role. Ajay’s has been wasted. Comedians Shankar and Sapthagiri have offered a good fun. Rest of the cast is okay in their respective roles.


However,  Beeruva is one time watchable movie, The cupboard concept is quite unconvincing to accept. Scenes between Sundeep and Naresh are extremely good. Business wise it will do average collections at the box office.

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