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Bellamkonda Suresh shifts to Akkineni from Nandamuri !!

A culture has developed in the Telugu film industry in which certain producers stick to a camp or hero in making their films. For example ace producer Allu Aravind essentially produces films from the Mega camp while producer Shivaprasad Reddy is loyal towards the Akkineni camp.

In the same way producer Bellamkonda Suresh has been a huge fan and a staunch supporter of Nandamuri Balakrishna’s films. For a long time he has been loyal to the Nandamuri camp and has given many hits to Balakrishna. But it looks like things are changing and the producer is slowly drifting towards the Akkineni heroes.

Bellamkonda Suresh has recently scored a hit with Akkineni Naga Chaitanya with their film ‘Tadaka’. It is reportedly heard that Suresh has finalized on doing a film with King Nagarjuna which will also be directed by Dolly. Now that the Nandamuri camp is losing its star power many feel that this is a right move by the ace producer.

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