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best film schhols in India and practicle advice for film students

Best Film Schhols In India And Practicle Advice For Film Students

In India no institute can give a job in films ,if they try also you will be placed as at most an Assistant to someone in present scenario.

In olden times there are lots of opportunities for FTII students but in present days it is very difficult but you will learn more from FTII college .You will gain great knowledge but chances of job is very less.

In an interview baahubali cinematographer Senthil kumar stated” I though as I am an FTII student ,I will get job easily in film industry but getting job in films is entirely different.I struggled for more than year to get a decent job “.So this field is the one of the toughest to break in and survive.

Lots of depends on network.Network is the most important thing in film Industry.I f you got the time of 3 years then you can join FTII (FTII is not an easy place to join as only 14 seats will be there in respective departments ).

Whistling woods is also best filmschool but very costly but it is in Mumbai so networking with Bollywood film celebrities chance will be there and occasional
workshops at productions houses is also takes place for the students

Annapaurna film institute in yderabad is also having quality faculty

Satyajit ray institute is also good for film students

If you are a cinematography student then Mind screen Chennai is best to learn which is offering 6 months to one year course

otherwise you can try to join to someone reputed director which is very difficult because that are already overloaded with assistants.Try to learn reading books and watching online tutorials

best film school in worlds are the real sets of film productions.If you really got some stories,short films and creative ideas may be you wull be hired under reputed production houses and work for 3-5 years for your first break . So have patience and try your best

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