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BHAI movie review

Cast : Akkineni Nagarjuna, Richa Gangopadhaya, Nathalie Kaur, Prasanna, Sonu sood and Others

Director : Veerabhadram Chowdary

Language : Telugu

Genre : Action Comedy

Release date : 25th October 2013

Rating : 2.5/5

Music : Devi Sri Prasad

Bottom Line : Director has failed to give soul.

Plot : Bhai ( Akkineni Nagarjuna) is a protege of mafia Don, David ( Ashish Vidyardhi) in HongKong. Tony (Ajay) and (Sonu sood) are david sons.They are getting jealous of bhai owing to their father giving importance to him. He flies down hyderabad to deal with an under cover cop, Arjun (Prasanna) who is killing david gang members by not revealing his identity. Bhai comes across Radhika ( Richa Gangopadhya).She falls for him. Bhai is investigating about undercover cop to find out his identity. He ascertain that a former gang member,Mastan is informing about gang members to the police by feigning his death. Bhai has come to know that arjun is his brother.He is reluctant to kill his brother.Meanwhile, Tony has tried to kill arjun,but he gunned down by arjun. David want to avenge his son death by killing arjun.How bhai saved his brother is rest of the story.

Director,Veera bhadram chowdary has failed to give soul.The mediocre script is demoted the performances of actors. The first half is a big minus point.It has offered nothing. Second half is filled with inadequate entertainment. Screen playing is not gripping at all.Editing is too poor. Devi sri prasad’s music is a big asset. Dialogues are good.Production values are not bad.

This is not a new role for nagarjuna. With his vast experience he has done his bit. Richa is confined to songs only. Prasanna is not bad in his role. Brahmanandam has tried his best to save the film. Most of the lead cast have been wasted by the director. Watch it if you are a hardcore fan of nagarjuna.

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