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Bham Bham bholenath movie review

CB Rating : 2.5/5.

Cast :  Navdeep, Naveen chandra, Pradeep Machiraju, Praveen, Posani and others.

Directed by : Karthik Varma Dandu.

Language : Telugu.

Genre : Comedy Thriller.

Release date : 27th February 2015.

Music : Sai Karthik.

Bottom Line : Climax played spoilsport.

Young actors Navdeep Naveen chandra and pradeep machiraju  joined hands for bham bham bhole nath. Navdeep who made his debut long ago, struggling to bag a super hit film since his debut. Andhala rakshashi actor Naveen chandra got critics appaluse for his performances in dalam and Andhala rakshashi. Popular VJ pradeep machiraju promoted from junior artist to character artist with this film. Read my analysis on bham bham bholenath whether it will impress you or not.

Two youngsters, who doesn’t each other  dreams big things in their life.Vikas ( Navadeep) wants to work with an IT company, but he need a big amount to get job through backdoor. Krishna ( Naveen chandra) wants to have a suave life. Both the youngsters try to get money through various routes but they fail. Atlast, they decide to loot. At the same time, a drug addict enters in their life. Will they successfully get the money? What will happen to youngsters once drug addict enter into their lives? Forms the crux of the story.

Karthik Dandu has penned an interesting story but he failed to execute it properly. Movie starts on a dull note then its picked up pace at pre interval and at the end the entertainment goes out of proportions. Editor’s failure is completely visible, He should have used his scissors very well, especially in the second half. There is no complaint about Cinematography, it is good. Sai karthik is enhancing his music skills film by film. Production values are not  bad.

Navdeep did a fabulous job as a jobless person, his comic timing is good. Naveen chandra looked very good in his role. His emoted very well according to the context. Pradeep machiraju did a fair job. Posani has offered a few chuckles with his trade mark comedy. Pankaj kesari’a performance is good. Rest of the cast is okat in their respective roles.

On the whole, this first 15 mins and climax spoilt the feel of the movie, which created in the middle. Businesswise, producer may get his investment that’s it. Watch it at your own interest.

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