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Bheemavaram Bullodu

Cast : Sunil, Esthra, Shiyaji shinde JP Raghubabu and Others.

Directed by : Uday Shankar

Language : Telugu

Genre : Comedy

Release date : 27th february 2014

Rating : 2.5/5

Music : Anoop Rubens

BottomLine : Oldwine in New bottle.

Plot : Rambabu ( Sunil) is a coward person in bheemavaram. If he like a girl she will get married very soon without any obstacles so the girls parenrs approach him for their daughters marriage. Rambabu is hit by a tumbler on the head, admit in hospital, There doctor ( Aahuti Prasad) confirm that he has brain tumor and lives only for 10days. By taking cognizance about his health, He want to commit suicide but an old man advises him that do some good to others before he die. He become dauntless and bashes all the rowdies in town. In the process He comes across Nandini (Esther) who is chasing by bunch of rowdies fall in love with him but rambabu refuses her love owing to his health problem. Meanwhile, he learns that he has no brain tumor. Why nandini is chasing by bunch of rowdies? Is he succeed in his love? Are main parts of the story.

Director Uday shankar is succeed in elevating the chemistry between lead actors, but his narration style is quite hackneyed. Editing is not bad. Anoop rubens music is catchy.Cinematography is Okay. Production values are good.

Sunil’ s performance tickles the funny bone of audience. Esther did a decent job, Shiyaji is okay in his role. Raghu babu, posani krishnamurali, Raghu and Ramesh have done a nice job. Rest of the cast is okay in their roles.

There is alot of cliched comedy, Otherwise it is not a bad movie to watch.

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