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Billa Ranga movie First Look Launched !!

The first look of an upcoming movie Billa Ranga was started yesterday. Rahul Venkat, who will be seen in Alias Janaki, is assuming the lead part as well as newcomer Pradeep. Rishika is making her debut a big appearance as a female lead performer in Telugu.

Pradeep Maadugula, who had won a National Honor for his documentary film Advaitham, is making his presentation as a director with this movie. Billa Ranga is being touted as a giggle mob and a parody set in a little town in Andhra Pradesh. Vishweshwar is the cinematographer.

The film is being produced by Vamshi Krishna Boyina, Arvind Kumar Vannala and Sudhir Reddy Kasireddy under SSKY-VAK movies banner . More insights about the film will be reported soon.

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