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Cast : Karthi, Hansika Motwani, Premji Amaren, Nassar, Jay Prakash and Others.

Directed by : Venkat Prabhu

Language : Telugu (Dub)

Genre : Comedy thriller

Release date : 20th December 2013.

Rating : 2.5/5

Music : Yuvan Shankar raja

Bottom Line : Shoddily cooked biriyani by chef.

Plot : Sudhir (Karthi) and Parashuram (Premji amaren) are childhood friends. They work with Mahindra automobile company! Their company is planning to start a new outlet, and this new branch is to be inaugurated by Vardharaajulu (Nassar), one of the top businessmen in the city. Meanwhile, Vardharaajulu and his son-in-law Ramakrishna are invovled in granite scam. Priyanka (Hanska) is a TV reporter who is covering the news, and Riaz Ali (Sampath) who is a CBI officer investigating the scam.Sudhir who took to enjoying a drink right from his adolescence has the peculiar habit of eating Biriyani at any cost after boozing. After enjoying a night out drink with his friend Parashuram, they are in search of Biriyani, and end up at a resort where they meet the Maya (Mandy Takhar). After a dance with maya the next day he finds himself in a murder case. While trying to remember events of the past night, he can only remember upto meeting Maya.What happened after that? Who has been murdered? Who committed the murder?What is the relation between Sudhir and Priyanka? forms the crux of the story.

After a long time Venkat prabhu offered his dish to the telugu audience, earlier he came with gambler which did a good business at boxoffice. this time he is quite failed to repeat the same success with biriyani. He might be inspired form Hollywood ‘The hangover’, The first half is too flat, everything goes on screen is quite predictable. Second half is quite good compared to first half.Screenplay is just okay. Yuvan shankar raja composed music is not bad, Cinematography is good. Background score pumped up the scenes.Production values are rich.

Karthi did a pretty decent job as a play boy, his comic timming is appaludable.Hansika sparkles in her role and is pleasing to the eye she has supported very well. Mandy takhar looks so hot in this film she did a fine job. premji performance tickels the funny bone. Nassar is okay in his role. The whole cast have done a nice job.

However, this is shoddilycooked biriyani by chef. better to skip this one

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